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New Athlete Profiling Questionnaire

To kick start your journey with Aura Triathlon Coaching, please complete & submit the new athlete questionnaire below. We will then be in touch within 48 hours to organise a more detailed review of your goals & aspirations.

-  Intro  -

-  About You  -

Please describe your triathlon (or individual swim/bike/run) specific goals for:

...the next 18 months:

...the next 3 years:

Please describe your current triathlon experience, including recent races &

training routine:

Please choose from the following list, the term that best describes your level in triathlon;

Please describe your favourite and/or best achievement in triathlon, be it a race result

or personal goal:

Please confirm if you have already signed up to any up-coming races? If so please provide exact details:

Do you belong to any local sporting clubs, if so which one/s? :

Please rate your strength in each discipline on a scale of 1-10;




If you are already training, what type/s of training do you currently most & least enjoy? :

-  Your Availability  -

How many hours per week are you able to dedicate to training? ;

Please describe your daily working lifestyle, including hours worked per week, commute distance, & type of work:

Do you have any regular commitments outside of work that need to be included in your training schedule? :

-  Training Facilities  -

Do you have access to or live within reasonable proximity to any of the following;

Do you currently train with a heart rate monitor, if so is this wrist based or chest strap? :

Do you currently train with a power meter while cycling, if so what type? :

Do you currently own & train on a turbo trainer, if so what type? :

-  Health & Wellbeing  -

Do you currently have any injuries or anything musculoskeletal you are managing

with a specialist? :

Please describe in detail any injuries you have previously had over the last 5 years, if any:

Do you have any other illnesses or conditions not mentioned above? :

This section is purely to help us coach you effectively & manage your health & wellbeing.

-  Our Services  -

Which of our coaching services are you interested in? :

If interested in the 1:1 Bespoke Coaching, please confirm your availability over the next two weeks to meet for the initial consultation:

We will be in touch to talk through payment/s, if you have not already paid via the website, or wish to pay by other means.

-  Coaching Platform  -

For those interested in the 1:1 Bespoke Coaching:

Do you already have an account with the TrainingPeaks online training platform? :

At Aura our preference for delivery of coaching is via the TrainingPeaks platform, however we are completely open to using other types of online schedule sharing.

If you would like to link your account to us now, please follow this link:

(If you are on a mobile device please finish & submit this form before clicking the link).

If you do not already have an account, you are able to create a free or premium account ready to link to us here:

(If you are on a mobile device please finish & submit this form before clicking the link).

-  Extra Info  -

Is there any other info you would like us to know about yourself? :


Thank you for your interest in Aura Triathlon Coaching, we will be in touch within 48 hours to talk through your requirements & to get you set up. If you have any extra questions in the meantime please do drop us an email at or give Jade a call on 07810435148.
We look forward to welcoming you on board & sharing in your exciting journey ahead!

Thank you for submitting!

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